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Thought I'd do a humourous post to kick off the new year. I read with great interest Vixenova's post on the Dec Girly Bloggers' Night Out and wondered what a Blogger Boys' Night Out would be like. Rano said it'd probably be a bunch of shutterbugs, and I tend to agree. Below is a fictional account based on Vixennova's post. Feel free to ad-lib as required heheh!

At the Blogger Boys' Night Out, I got pissed!

There's no better way to kick-start a weekend than having a night of cheap wine, cheap cigarettes, gossips, barbecued food and soccer. That night with the boys was such an experience. The conversations were interesting, I've never seen that much dSLRs being laid on one table. Borgkingkong took the honors however, for his HUGE tool, a DVX+Letus35FE The committee Pablo did one swell job and whoever brought that projector to project that Man-U - Arsenal game on the big screen is a genius and the hamburgers made my belly smile. There was meat and lots of it - t'was an international buffet - Empire doesn't stand a chance.

My first impression when I met everyone was "basar-basar jua beg kamera dorang ani ah". I was greeted by the host Pablo and seated already were Jack & Rano, then more dudes in black came, including Mr BR, who arrived in his government issue Jag. We all did an impromptu introduction upon greeting and of course there were those I've already known; Gferro, Ucingitam and Rezafaizal. I wish I could give everyone a mention, please excuse me for not.

I thought the heavy rain was gonna disrupt the whole evening - nope. The camera flash was speedlights were mightier than the lightning. *May lightning don't strike me for saying that* We all went (camera) trigger-happy that evening and as my colleague in the office would say it, camera sluts. No one really took pictures cos everyone was busy eating, drinking, and comparing length and girth (of our lenses!) around the barbecue.

I personally love the dinner bit, the food was great. Charred slabs of meat drenched in tomato ketchup washed down with ice cold cerveza. I've learned a few important "life" pointers at the dinner table:
  • A 1.6x crop factor means a 35 mm = 50 mm and a 16 mm = 24 mm. It also means a 200mm becomes a 320mm.
  • Hole 14 at Scotland's Royal Dornoch Golf Club is "the most natural hole in golf."
  • Bats' urine can never cause baldness - too many u-turns under the sheets definitely will cause baldness and thats a fact. Bald, we know what YOU'VE been up to!
  • There is more than one way to relieve a windy stomach - and one of them is consuming copious amounts of burp-inducing cerveza.

Now, I look forward to seeing all those pictures, come on Bruneian and Mizi, hurryyyy.


Kantalensa: Thank you for emailing me those pics and being the next dude in pink black.

Zadm: Next time I see you remind me to record your singing drumming.

Pablo: Thank you for hosting. The steel-pole was a lovely touch and the sultry twin dancers you brought in specially from Spearmint Rhino were a welcome distraction from the soccer and food.

LSM: Thank you for sharing, it reached me.

Kiulap Blues : We share great stories on biking experience. Nanti lagi bersembang2 ah.

Pablo:You owe me a Nancy Ajram picture kan.

Thanis: I visited your blog last night and went hungry again.. oh alll those food.

I'm gonna say this again no amount of Thank yous is enough. Thanks everyone!


Bruneian said…
Bro.. EXCELLENT! I cant stop laughing~~~
UcingItam said…
hehe yea I can visualise the environment already
Zadm said…
macam banar...kalau banar happening riuh kali.
Pablo said…
Bravo!! Bravo!!! What a way to start the new year! I was laughing hard reading it...
Good thoughts..I can see your fantasies coming out now...hahahaaa..
I don't mind hosting such gathering if everyone is game. Something to ponder for 2007.
Husini said…
hahaha mcm video iklan kalau dibayangkan... mcm cerita koboi ada jua.
Atul said…
Hahaha. Macam-macam..
eleanor said…
ok that was funny!
Anonymous said…
atu creative!! Lols! well, make it more meerier, let the boys wear pink! ;p
Nonnie King said…
Great imagination!
Vixennova said…
I'm loving this comic relief.. hahahaha.. pls pls pls make it happen. You guys will make me a happy woman!

But how would you guys fill in the Breast Cancer Awareness bit? thattt I don't wanna know.
lizzie said…
if i promised to bring my camera phone, could i join the next blogger boys' night out? =)
EmmaGoodEgg said…
Superb and scarily enough I CAN see it happening! *still giggling away! xx
Vixennova said…
i knew this post would get better reviews than mine! Reeda you owe me more cookies now. Hahahahah keep up with the humor papi.
AnakBrunei said…
Pablo: If anyone can organize it YOU da man!

zadm: rioh with your drumming you mean? heheh

kantalensa: awu cerita koboi plang tu!

lizzie: camera phone? sure if your camera phone has a built in 18-200mm macro lens ;)

emma: I have no doubt this will happen... right pablo? heheh!

vixennova: heheh thanks for the inspirational post! Cookies? No worries, nanti mengirimi arah yr boss "johnny funktastic" saja heheh!
mamalobengs said…
LOL!!! Hahahha.. caliii calliii.. Btw, 'I'll pluck yours, if you pluck mine' @copyrightmamalobengs.2006.. huhuhu..
Tina said…
Hahahahaha, this is so hilarious! I can't imagine how a Blogger Boys' Night would be like! I'd be curious.. Hmm.


Then post about it. Hehehe.
Thanis said…
Great post and freaking hilarious! It would be interesting to have a guy blogger's night though. hmmmm..

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