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Sumbangsih Mulia...

Darn! I know I should've just opened my fish and chip stall above a monsoon drain by the roadside in Beribi Auto City. Pehin Goh would've taken pity on me and given me a FREE stall in his new multi million dollar complex. From BB:
Unlicensed roadside hawkers can now retire their flimsy makeshift stands for good, as they have been invited to relocate to proper premises at no cost.

In a bid to realise His Majesty's aspiration, Pehin Dato Goh King Chin has put forward a generous contribution the Sumbangsih Mulia, which is one of the most modem SMEs located at Beribi Industrial Estate, carrying a price tag of $2.4 million.

The plight of unlicenced hawkers and those in need of a place to sell their wares was a hot topic in the media in the past year. Many of those displaced by the demolition of the Tambing wet market, for example, said that they could not find or afford to rent a place elsewhere.

"I am a citizen of Brunei Darussalam, and this project is my contribution to Bruneian society and the government," said Pehin Goh. "SMEs are very important to the country's economy, and I want to do my part in aiding these struggling businesses," he said.


UcingItam said…
fulamak..the sky is burning hehe..awu eh, if i know awal, bejual roti john ku pagi2 siring jln atu bro..hehe
hey hy there~:) so am considered lucky lah kalau i have stall d sana hehe. bah am new ne baru kan belajar blogging~ but u may visit my new n lousy webbie @ hehe drop me a comment if u dun mind:) n any gud advices wud b fine:)

tq anak brunei~ GREAT webbie anyway:)

anakbrunei said…
Hi HKH thank you for visiting! I think anyone who got a stall in Sumbangsih Mulia is very lucky indeed and I hope they make the very best of it, which judging by the stuff on your blog, I am sure you are doing so! Syabas! Let me know if you need any help with your blog. I'll be happy to help in any way I can :)
:) Thank You ur so sweetttttt hehe bah if u dun mind add my MSN so tht we can chat n alod i want 2 ask u about the blog haha malu ku eyh~ 'saya budak baru belajar' hehehe. thank you anak bruneiiiii;)

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