Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Body scrub, Brunei Stylie...

Attended a friend's bedak mandi (pre-wedding ceremony which involves a blessing by close family elders and a cleansing body-scrub) ceremony this afternoon and it brought back memories of my own bedak mandi all those years ago. What fun, a free body scrub performed by several family members, watched by even more family members! More pics here.
Short rant: During the Microsoft Vista launch, both of us went in "business attire" as stated in the invitation. While trying to photograph the guest of honour, I was approached by one of the more seasoned photographers who asked me where I was from. I said I was an invited guest who happened to bring my camera.

This is what he said to me, "Mana baju kot mu? Kalau jemputan duduk saja. Kalau mau buleh pulang ku panggil AO ni untuk membawa kau keluar." Yes, very Bruneian indeed matey. You could have just told me that its a requirement for photographers to wear a suit in the presence of royalty. No need to bite my head off.

Lesson learnt, point taken thank you Mr Seasoned photographer whoever you are. But why must you be so rude?

Pics from Majlis Bedak Mandi
Pics from Majlis Berpacar
Pics from Majlis Bersanding
Imeanthesnakes gig pics


Anonymous said...

The photogs comment was rude and uncalled for however very TYPICAL of those in line with the principles of "adat"...My husband once went to the Makam during Ramadhan after work with his office entourage ....He was denied entry on the grounds that he was wearing office clothes without a songkok and a topi haji instead!Unbeliveable! You would have thought doa is much more important than attire!

Zadm said...

Wah I couldn't believe this happened to you. Damn vultures!! That seasoned photogs could have just informed you nicely, no need to be rude, that's really unprofessional.

How can we learn if we are being treated like this. Now, Where can we get some sort of guidelines what to wear and behave as a photogs.

Anonymous said...

must be one of the posers from penerangan.

SoulJah said...

Info Department can always help. There's some protocols to follow sometimes and it's good to know in some situations.

Kantalensa said...

I didn't know that an invited guest cannot take photos of a royal guest of honour. In that case I'll be more careful next time. How about if the guest of honour is a Minister? I already plan to take some photos at the next event that I'm going to attend.

Bruneian said...

I have taken pictures of the Guest of Honor in official functions no problem.

Souljah, I agree with you 100%. But point that Reeda wanted to highlight is that he dont have to be rude to tell you off.

We are Bruneians. We are well known for its "sopan santun", "Budi Bahasa".

Instead of saying that he could say something like;

"Minta maaf tuan ah, kalau abis kita kan mengambar, mesti pakai kot. Iatah tulung tah kalau dapat kita duduk. Inda majalis usulnya"

Vixennova said...

Oh Snap.. he said what?!

Belabih juaaa.. you are being so nice to him. Kalau aku, in my post, tekeluar udah my "french" tu. Tapi dlm blog ganya ku berani kali tu,hehe, I dare not make a scene in public.

Yes, he was rude, ataupun ia inda pandai berbudi bicara. That's not very Bruneian at all, orang tani sebenarnya lambut kalau becakap sama org, we'd start off with, "minta maaf ah... kita ani jurugambar sini... kalau kita jemputan, silakan duduk dulu biskita ah..."

Aii emosi aku ah.. sorry ah. For a moment I thot this was my blog.

Vixennova said...

nahh barutah ku tebaca comments org lain.. hahaha rupanya kan sama comment ku wif Mr.Bruneian, but his is less drama.

Hi-paip to Mr Bruneian!

Before I do another soap-opera-ish scene, I better stop.

Anak Brunei, ganas2 sikit ah kalau ada org cematu lagi, jawab saja "minta maaf arah biskita ah.. aku ani kurang protokol jua banar, tapinya inda jua ku kna bagitau misti jadi men in black, mun ku tau kluar udah kot Armani sama Zegna ku ataupun kalau mau standard lagi ada pulang KIKO tu."

Ok I better stop now.. my comments are getting longer than your post. Sorry ah.. its called PMS.

mamalobengs said...

Now that was sooo rude!! Mun aku ku ampas sudah kepalanya pakai 5 -inch stilettoe ku tu..nda ampun tu eh! Why couldn't he just ask you nicely! Next time bro.. ampas saja pakai camera ah! Biar ia!!! Kalau org betanya why u hit him.. just tell em "Nampak lalat dikepalanyaja, iatah kan ku bunuh"...huuhu.. atu baru ia ganas and do tell him "Baju Kot alum behambil dari maxiclean ja".. mnbari gigitan... no bedside manners langsung!

Vixennova.. u know what aku pun PMS.. tapikan I think that stupid photographer PMS jua kali..

On a lighter note, NICE PHOTOS bro!!

Vixennova said...

see wa I mean ere, if men gets PMS, the world would be a better place, inda payah Bush declared war. Bush & Allahyarham Saddam (may he rest in peace) can just teriak2 and ampas2 pakai kasut.

Tapi bnr eh, rude ppl shuldnt be left catu saja.

Alum tah abis-abisnya aku ani, nasib baik my darling hubby tidur udah, kalau inda he can see be-urat2 leher ku melangui laptop ani.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, I admire your kind thoughts for the Autistic kids. They are special. Keep it up BFG! We need more friendly giants in Brunei and thats a compliment!

Mamalobes, hi paip to PMS!

mamalobengs said...

Eh Dang Vixennova.. banar tu saya senuju.. nda payah WAR.. just 28 days of INTENSE NEGOTIATIONS kan!!

Awu lakiku and anakku pun bekuruh2 sudah.. bulih kah beurat leher.. aku beurat pahaku ni betinting meliat laptop..hahah apakan!!.. Tani ah malam2 me-leave komen.. in your words "tani ani separuh manusia, separuh antu kali nda pandai tidur ah".. hahahah..

Anyways bro, again seriously orang catu atu.. AMPAS saja tia tapi sampai causing hurt saja ah jan griveous hurt..hehe..

bah, slamat malam semua!

Nonnie King said...

I laughed reading ZT and Mamalobs comments! You girls are so cute.

Oh anyway, I think I'm biasa to that kind of rudeness while I was still working at CFK.

Anonymous said...

Most of the seasoned phoographers were a bit bitchy when someone is trying 'encroached' to their livelihood. They don't want others to be in the same boat as them. Although most of the picture they took are crap. Do not listen to them. Nothing to be afraid of AO. They are just a bunch of wuss. Go Photo Enthusiast!

Anonymous said...

Wear suits? Yakah? Have not done that since the Royal Wedding. Not even when I was next to HM & family for several events. I've even heard them whispering my name. Hehehe. Dress smart yes.. dress properly yes but a suit?

Anyway, I wouldnt worry too much. These ppl are just worried that your pics would turn out much better than theirs ;) which I am pretty sure it always will hehehe.

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