Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tesliur... (SMS Quiz Wk 3 Day 3)

Kway Teow basah simpan itu Zeema punya ikan atas...
ANAKBRUNEI SMS QUIZ Week Three Day Three Question:
Which town in Brunei is also known as the oil town?
(a) Seria
(b) Tutong
(c) Temburong
(d) Belait
To answer, just type:

mtrv[space]anakbrunei[space]3[space][your answer ie. either a b c or d]

For example, if your answer is (a), you would type: mtrv anakbrunei 3 a and send to 8885555* GOOD LUCK and dont forget to answer the previous questions!!


- m o g L i e - said...

hish .. anie membagi tesliur banar ulih nya. fish toppings lagi tu ... nanti mencuba ..he.he.

anakbrunei said...

Heheh! Trust me... it WAS as good as it looks!!